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Despatch Primary forced to close

By Marc Jacobson - Jan 25, 2016
Despatch Primary forced to close

Parents of learners in Despatch Primary forced the school to close over protests of teacher shortages.

A parent on task team establishment, Janine Jooste, told Algoa FM news that the school was closed for learners last Wednesday and for teachers last Thursday.

“We had sent letters to the Department of Education requesting the Education District Officer to come to the school to address their grievances.”

It was then insinuated that if the matter at hand does not get sorted out now, the problem may recur in the future.

“The Task Team decided that if they do not close the school now, they might have the same situation or a similar situation several months down the line,” said Jooste.

In retrospect, this is the second week running that parents of learners in the Northern Areas, Port Elizabeth, are forcing schools to be closed. Respective parents are also protesting and keeping their children out of school for the matter of staff shortages to be solved.

"We are busy negotiating with a task team that was formed by the Premier. Our stance is that we are on a good wicket now, because the Premier stated that he wants this issue expedited. We will get feedback tonight and hopefully we will get the parents to send children back to school, while we are negotiating with the Premier," Forum spokesperson, Richard Draai, told Algoa FM News.