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Despite violent protests, Metro moving ahead with evictions

Jun 21, 2017
Despite violent protests, Metro moving ahead with evictions

Despite violent protests that have seen roads blocked and several vehicles burnt to ashes or damaged over the past weeks, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Tuesday said it will continue with the eviction of illegal occupants of municipal land in the Motherwell area of Port Elizabeth.

According to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC: Human Settlements, Cllr Nqaba Bhanga, the land has been earmarked for housing development will be cleared of illegal structures by Wednesday afternoon.

"The sheriff of the court and the SAPS on Monday began actioning a court order to ensure that land in iKamvelihle, Ramaposa, NU29 and Wells Estate is entirely vacant so that this government can begin surveying and excavating for the development of RDP and Social housing projects," he described.

"Some residents whose homes are due to be built on this land have been waiting for over 20 years. This government does not want these residents to wait any longer, thus we will ensure that development of these projects continues unabated."

Bhanga said that 12 000 residential opportunities, along with title deeds, will be provided to Nelson Mandela Bay residents over the next three years.

"Tens of thousands of residents will become first-time home owners thanks to the joint effort of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, the Social Housing Department and the Housing Development Agency.

"Most of the removed structures were mere frames erected in an attempt to reserve sites for illegal occupation, with a handful of these having a tin sheet attached vertically," he added.

"Every single structure was unoccupied, thus not a single person was physically removed in any way.

"There is an unfortunate rumour doing the rounds that illegal occupation of land allows one to circumvent the housing waiting list - it is important to note that this is not at all true. Anyone who wishes to apply for a RDP house should do so through the correct channels."

Bhanga saidd that the Municipality is honoured that so many more people are moving to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality since August 2016, with many acknowledging that housing delivery is speeding up and service delivery is improving.

"However, we request that municipal land remain vacant so that improved services can be rolled out and the delivery of dignified houses is not impeded," he described.

"Our commitment to the people of Nelson Mandela Bay remains; We will improve service delivery, roll out of dignified housing, eradicate corruption and grow the economy to create jobs."