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DHA Financial Services introduces online accounting

By Charl Bosch - Jul 24, 2014
DHA Financial Services introduces online accounting

NEW AGE ACCOUNTING:Online accounting brings convenience, security and affordability

Still a new concept to most South African businesses and organisations, online accounting improves the availability of financial information by offering a more convenient alternative to orthodox accounting systems. Aided by the arrival of cloud computing, the system is the easiest way to run your business.

“Online accounting systems allow you the freedom to run your business anywhere, anytime,” says Justyn Harrison, a Partner at DHA Financial Services.

The company offers services such as accounting, estate planning and administration, financial planning, insurance, investments and tax advisory. They now also offer clients easy-to-use online accounting solutions.

“There are no installation hassles, you simply login and start working; no upgrade troubles, you will automatically be working on the latest version of the software; no security hassles, the online software will ensure that your data is safe and secure, and no accessibility hassles since you can work from anywhere, anytime,” explains Justyn.

“Online accounting is a hosted, multi-user accounting application with dashboards, graphs and drill-downs to any transaction that you and your accountant can access, 24/7, via the internet.

"You can view your customer sales history and contact details, write notes, and send quotes and invoices while on the road or in front of your customer. Automatic bank statement imports make it easy to manage your banking and cash flow and with the comprehensive list of reports available, you will always know how your business is doing.”

He adds that users can also easily manage business finances since the platform offers unlimited bank and credit card accounts.

“Online systems provide a comprehensive list of reports that you can print or email directly to your customers or to other users in your business. You don’t need to be an accountant to print financial reports.

“Simply view your Profit and Loss report or a Statement of Assets and Liabilities. Next time your bank manager asks for these reports, you’ll have them on his or her desk in record time!”

He says the system also enables businesses and organisations to keep track of performance against set targets.

“You can create annual budgets from scratch or base your budgets on historical data. View your budget using the Budget Report and track your budget performance against your actuals using the Profit and Loss Report with budget comparisons,” says Justyn.

Hence, businesses and organisations the world over are making the switch to online accounting in their operations. Should you feel that your business is stuck in the dark ages contact your nearest DHA office or visit their website @ www.dhaonline.co.za