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Digital Marketing: Why should you invest in digital marketing?

By Zoe Harrington - Apr 20, 2016
Digital Marketing: Why should you invest in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is continuing to grow as more businesses choose this option over traditional marketing. The term digital marketing is very broad but includes an integration of Websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media and more.

5 Reasons to invest in Digital Marketing

To be seen by Google - Website

By following Google’s guidelines, they are able to find and display your website in the search results; so you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly; modern; has interesting and informative content; and that it loads fast.

An updated and attractive website that displays correctly on all devices will keep people on your website for longer than an old, one-page website with bad content.

To be found online - SEO

Having SEO-friendly content on your website means that Google will recognise it and list it in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Having relevant keywords in your content, URLs and your Meta data will enable customers to find your website when looking for keywords relating to your brand, products and services – meaning you reach the audience that you want to reach.

To reach the right audience - PPC

Online advertising is beneficial in that not only can you target the audience you want, but it is also more cost-effective than traditional advertising. When creating these adverts on Google’s AdWords, your ads will appear on the SERPs when people have searched for specific keywords that you have put into your specific ad campaign. This results in you getting a response from people who are actually interested in what your business offers.

To know your audience better - Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a cost-effective way of advertising your brand and increasing brand awareness. Through being active on Social Media, you’re able to see what your customers like and what they want; target audiences; and interact with the customers individually. Good Social Media Marketing will give your brand a “human” quality.

To get valuable marketing insights - Analytics

With Digital Marketing, you can gain access to data such as your reach, demographics, how many website pages were visited, how long people stayed on your website, how many visits converted into sales and much more through analytical software such as Google Analytics.

We offer Website Design and Development, SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. We can also set up Google Analytics for our clients.If you’re interested in our Digital Marketing services, give Bronwen a call on 041 365 4919.