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Directorate allocates R5.7 Million for contract beach security

Directorate allocates R5.7 Million for contract beach security

The budget allocation for contract security for beach operations is R5.7 million for the current financial year, according to a report submitted to the Sport, Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services Committee.

In a report on preparations for the announcement of Blue Flag certificates in October, the report notes that contract security “has the biggest impact on beach operations, including the Blue Flag”.

It says that the allocated budget is not always sufficient to meet the security requirements.

As a result, savings from other line items are “normally identified” to meet the costs.

The directorate has been participating in the Blue Flag Programme since 2001, adding that over the years “the challenges from the responsibilities of other directorates have become more pronounced”.

It explains that this is because these directorates prioritise their own operations “instead of allocating funds to-wards assisting the Blue Flag requirements”.

The directorate points out that these demands and challenges resulted in the loss of Blue Flag status for all beaches during 2010/11.

It says that among the challenges are the lack of safety and security; addition-al cleaning services for ablution facilities; waste management; traffic management; sewerage spills; CCTV monitoring; environmental management and control over vagrants and car guards.

The report states that the Blue Flag period for Nelson Mandela Bay runs from November 1 to April 30 annually and the directorate has applied for full Blue Flag status for Humewood and Kings Beach and pilot status for Hobie Beach.

Looking at existing challenges, the directorate states that there is insufficient security at Humewood / Happy Valley and at Kings Beach.

With regard to Hobie Beach, there is a challenge of insufficient security but also from no response team for CCTV monitoring. - metrominutes


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