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Directorate Recommends Green Light for Bloomingdales Extension

Nov 4, 2014
Directorate Recommends Green Light for Bloomingdales Extension

The Human Settlements Directorate has recommended that a proposal for the rezoning of two properties in Main Road Walmer to allow for the extension of the Bloomingdales complex should be approved.

In a report to the Human Settlements Committee, the Spatial Planning sub-directorate points out that the location of the property is demarcated for medium intensity mixed use.

It adds that objections raised with regard to business activities on Main Road and resultant increase in traffic were addressed in the Walmer Local Spatial Development Framework (LSDF).

The LSDF, it adds, identifies areas that have been earmarked for business uses and roads that have been identified for high traffic flows, adding that there is “no concrete evidence to support the contention that neighbouring business uses devalue abutting residential uses”.

The directorate also recommends that an application to rezone 26 Sixth Avenue, Walmer from Residential 1 to Business 2 be approved, saying this is “compatible with the immediate surroundings,” and “considered to be in accordance with the Walmer LSDF”.

Spatial Planning points out that in the vicinity of the property there are already car sales and showroom operations, offices, agencies and other retail and service businesses.

Also recommended for approval is a proposal to rezone a property on the corner of 7th Avenue and Villiers Road from Residential 1 to Business 3 for offices and doctors’ rooms.

Spatial Planning says the area where the property is situated “can be characterised by rapid change in land use from single residential to that of business and high-density residential”. - MetroMinutes.

 Photo Caption: Main Road, Walmer, Nelson Mandela Bay.