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DISCOLOURED OR STAINED SMILE? Holistique offers an easy and convenient solution to teeth whitening

DISCOLOURED OR STAINED SMILE? Holistique offers an easy and convenient solution to teeth whitening

The result of natural changes in the mineral structure of the tooth as well as other causes like bacteria and foods, discoloured, stained or darkened teeth are among factors that can make people feel less confident and unattractive!

However, with a simple, quick and easy teeth whitening procedure – which I recently underwent at a new beauty parlour called Holistique Beauty & Wellness Clinic, you will no longer need to hold back or hide your smile.

For years, I had also wanted to have my teeth whitened but thought it would be costly, timeous and painful – I was wrong!

On arrival at Holistique Beauty & Wellness Clinic, I was ushered to the parlour’s clean and cosy treatment room. Nicely relaxed in a leather chair, my feet resting on a stool and soft music playing in the background, I easily forgot that I was in a treatment room.

Lieselle, the wonderful owner, explained how the process works. I was excited when she described the product she uses – a Pure Smiles teeth whitening gel, which is 100% organic and made from natural Aloe Vera leaf juice, Chamomile and Pomegranate - which contain known whitening agents.

She also mentioned that I would feel a little tooth sensitivity during and after treatment but with no gum irritation, which allayed my fears!

Lieselle then brought out a sterile whitening kit. I gently rubbed my teeth with a somewhat rough material before carefully placing a gum guard filled with whitening gel in my mouth.

Once the gum guard was correctly placed, a special bright light was used to speed-up the whitening process.  After 15 minutes the gum guard was removed and I was allowed get rid of excess saliva. The gum guard was refilled with whitening gel and another 15 minute application followed. Once complete I was able to rinse my mouth and I once again used a rough cloth to rub over my teeth. Looking in the mirror I could see my freshly, sparkling white teeth!

In less than an hour, my teeth turned six shades lighter. Lieselle explained that if I did not drink too much tea, coffee and red wine, my new white teeth could stay that way for up to a year. This varies from person to person and she recommended I have the treatment every six months.

Give your smile a whiter, brighter boost with Holistique Beauty & Wellness Clinic today. Book now, by calling 073 1913449 or emailing [email protected] or visiting 148 Main Road Walmer in Port Elizabeth.