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Discover Majestic Lesotho: The ultimate skiing experience which won’t break the bank

By Supplied - Apr 16, 2015
Discover Majestic Lesotho: The ultimate skiing experience which won’t break the bank

To South Africans who look forward to winters where snow and skiing are the order of the day, the news that the rand is continuing to depreciate against the Dollar and Euro is a matter of concern which could see many giving up their ideas of jetting off to alpine slopes for a well-deserved break.

Oh, if only the rand could stretch a little further.  Just thinking about forking out over R 12.00 per Euro, or more than R 17.00 for a  Pound (on 14 April 2015), is enough to make even the hardened traveller wince.

As we feel the pinch of the weak Rand, Lesotho, Africa’s “Kingdom in the Sky” presents a truly compelling proposition. Boasting the highest mountain peaks in Southern Africa with an average altitude of over 3 000 metres above sea-level, the local currency (the Maloti) is on a par with the Rand, which means that money goes much further. Best of all it lies a 50 minute plane ride from Johannesburg or, for those who prefer their own transport, a few hour’s drive from the city.

From the Lesotho border, there is only an 80km hop along good roads to reach skiing nirvana-otherwise known as Afriski, situated in Lesotho’s majestic Maluti Mountains. The  only  ski resort in Africa at a heady 3 222 metres above sea level, Afriski is proving to be increasingly attractive to South Africans and others who have discovered the unique winter experience offered by Lesotho which is affordable whilst offering world class facilities. Enthusiasts who would rather pocket the money they would have spent on international airfares to Europe and use it locally should consider Lesotho as a truly unique way to indulge fully in the sport they love.

It is an ideal destination for families as well as adventure sports enthusiasts as it offers affordable packages which mean that the entire family can enjoy some time on the pristine slopes. Whether skiing, snowboarding or simply enjoying the snow, Afriski offers an inclusive experience for everyone. Lessons offered at all levels by qualified instructors ensure that everybody can get the maximum benefit from their ‘Maluti Mountains’ experience.

Opened in 2002, one of the attractions of the resort is the reliability of the snow falls that make the resort a great place to visit during winter- with the thickest snows generally taking place towards the end of July every year.

The resort gives everyone from novice to expert level skiers and snowboarders the chance to test their skills on the slopes which vary in gradient. Even novice skiers and snowboarders have been known to brave the toughest peak after a couple of days training from the resort’s expert training staff. 

“The beauty of travelling to Lesotho is that we not only offer the ultimate skiing and snowboarding experience. Along with this there are many other attractions to be explored.  Away from the action on the slopes, those seeking to escape their hectic city life can find serenity in the beauty of the mountains year round. Holidaymakers can therefore experience the best of both worlds. We invite all travel enthusiasts, from adventure seekers to those just looking to relax, to visit us this winter season and experience the Lesotho’s majestic beauty first-hand.” says Tebello Thoola, Head of Marketing: Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation.