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Diversity Week kicks off at NMMU

Diversity Week kicks off at NMMU

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth on Monday marked the start of its 2016 Diversity Month, which sees this whole week dedicated to celebrating their International students.

Aside from the fun activities, the week is actually aimed at bringing together and celebrating the different cultures found at the institution.

During the launch on Monday afternoon, NMMU students gathered under a Bendouin tent outside the South Campus Library to buy exotic items from different countries and take part in the ‘Delicacies of the World’ event.


Ten students were chosen at random to take part in an eating competition that featured those countries’ popular delicacies, the last one to finish each dish would be eliminated and not claim the prize.

Among the featured dishes were, sashimi, gorgonzola, mopani worms, escargot, Indian curry, chicken feet, fish head soup, black pudding, and finally a sheep’s head – fondly called a ‘smiley’ locally.


Diversity Week will feature different events for each day until Thursday.

A special workshop has also been created to teach a featured language – Swahili, to students.