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DIY ways to cleaning your flea market or garage sale buys

MAY 6, 2015
DIY ways to cleaning your flea market or garage sale buys

Flea markets or garage/rummage sales can provide good opportunities to buy really good stuff at bargain prices - be it vintage tables, chairs, glasses, tablecloths or silver crockery. Still, for most people, how cleanable an item is decides whether they will take it home or leave it there. Here is how you can clean a few of your flea market buys.

Old linens

Be it grime, food stains or wine, vintage linens can clean up nicely. Your best trick is to pretreat a stain with dishwashing detergent and then soak it in hot, soapy water. This often gets the stains out. For food, try white vinegar or ammonia directly on the stain; for ink marks, some say milk does work. Try some oxyclean for stubborn stains.


Let’s say the vintage glass vase has some hard water deposits, you should be able to get them out using a dryer sheet, white vinegar and a scrubby sponge. Apparently, a mixture of ammonia and water works miracles with little to no elbow grease.


If it's Teak, wipe down with wax - it should make a huge difference.


Toothpaste (besides its obvious use) is reputedly a good way to polish silver. Remember that it's important to care for your silver once it's in a good place too!

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