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Do you always enjoy your sleep: Say goodnight to sleepless nights with Bestbeds

By Liandè Barnard - Dec 15, 2014
Do you always enjoy your sleep: Say goodnight to sleepless nights with Bestbeds

We all know that not sleeping enough and not sleeping well is just not ok. In fact, there is quite a price to pay - sleep deprivation has been shown to significantly affect your health, performance, safety and wallet. Which is why investing in a proper bed (and perfect sleep) at Bestbeds is a great idea.

Besides, if you are an average person, you will sleep for a third of your lifetime so getting a perfect bed and mattress is something you should not just take for granted.

I recently decided to start looking for a new bed and wherever I turned people recommended that I visit Bestbeds Bed Specialists at 39 Westbourne Road, Port Elizabeth.

On arrival, I was immediately stunned at the range of names on the Bestbeds floor, which included Seally, Serta, Simmons, Cloud Nine, Rest Assured, Edblo and Majestic Bedding. Widening my search, I also found that Bestbeds stocks mattresses, overlays, mattress protectors and a variety of pillows.

While chatting to Bestbeds’ friendly owner, Pat Slabbert, I was informed that they are currently celebrating their 20th birthday. Sensing that I was going to ask how they have managed to stay afloat for so long, Pat said that it was simply a case of good old-fashioned service, great product knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends and technology.

In addition to that, Pat and her two, equally warm, staff members have over 65 years’ experience in the bedding industry between them. I also discovered that aside from their delivery service – which covers the whole of the Nelson Mandela Bay to as far as St. Francis Bay and Port Alfred, Bestbeds can also set-up your bed at home to ensure that everything is perfect. So no need to worry if you are not good in the DIY department!

Pat also added that your choice of bed should be based on your weight, the comfort you need and any specific physical requirements like the choice between a standard length and extra length. They provided me with unmatched expertise and reliable guidance to make an informed decision.

I also learnt that Bestbeds believe in giving back to the community and can collect your old or second-hand beds and donate them to charity.

Needless to say, I will be getting my new, comfy bed very soon!

Say goodnight to sleepless nights and fatigued mornings; call Bestbeds on 041 373 1100 or visit them at 39 Westbourne Road, Central in Port Elizabeth.