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Does your holiday list include travel insurance to save you from holiday horrors?

DECEMBER 3, 2014
Does your holiday list include travel insurance to save you from holiday horrors?

The much needed holiday season is approaching and those with travel plans are busy finalising the last of their arrangements. Planning and going on holiday in an exotic destination is fun, but are you also prepared for the worst?

“Many travellers dismiss the importance of having travel insurance,” says Derek Wilson, Head of Hippo.co.za.

Sometimes the unexpected can become part of your best holiday experience or ruin your entire vacation. The loss or theft of luggage and travel documents, cancelled flights, accidents, and wrongful detention are amongst some of the disappointments that travellers across the world have experienced.

Forty-three-year old British traveller, Keith Brown had the horrific experience of being unjustly detained by a customs officer whilst connecting in Dubai, for 0,0003 grams of cannabis found in a cigarette butt that got stuck on his shoe. The UAE is notoriously tough on drug crimes. He was arrested on the charge of drug possession and sentenced to four years in jail. He was later pardoned and released earlier on his sentence.

Brittany Hilgers and her new husband were travelling to Mexico for their honeymoon when Mexicana Airlines filed for bankruptcy on the day they were scheduled to fly. They went through the inconvenience of having to book another connecting flight to Mexico and spent nine hours at the airport before finally setting off to their destination.

Wilson says, “Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary added expense, but unexpected loss of belongings or unforeseen medical costs can result in an unpleasant holiday experience. Compare quotes, as well as familiarise yourself with different travel insurance benefits, by visiting Hippo.co.za. The site is free to use with no obligations and will assist you in choosing the best option for your travel needs.”


IMAGE sourced from abcnews.go.com