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Dr Beyers Naude Municipality shares lockdown FAQs with residents

Apr 21, 2020
Dr Beyers Naude Municipality shares lockdown FAQs with residents

Graaf-Reinet -  The Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality on Monday shared with residents answers to their frequently asked questions concerning the Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown.

Please read below;

No.1- QUESTION: Can a permit be issued to a group?

Each person must apply for himself or herself

No.2- QUESTION: Who qualifies for a permit?

ANSWER: Persons as per Regulation 11B(8)(a)(i)-(vii)

No.3- QUESTION: Who can issue the permit?

ANSWER: The Station Commander or a person designated by him/her or Magistrate who is the head of office

No.4- QUESTION: What procedure if there is an arrest?

ANSWER: The person must be issued with an Admission of Guilt fine (J534) IF AG has been determined or SAP 496 to appear in Court on a date after the lockdown or bail in terms of section 59 or 59A of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977

No.5- QUESTION: May a Taxi driver conveying mourners to a funeral obtain a permit?

Only if he/she falls within the category of persons mentioned in paragraph 11B(8)(a)(i)-(vii)

No.6- QUESTION: May a Taxi driver that has no relationship/affiliation to the deceased, be allowed to transport passengers/mourners?

Regulation 11C read with regulation 11B(8)(j) makes provision for taxi drivers to provide transport services inter alia for funerals.

No.7- QUESTION: Is a funeral a prohibited gathering?

A funeral is for the purposes of the Lockdown Regulations not regarded as a prohibited gathering and is limited to the attendance of 50 people.

No.8- QUESTION: Is a cultural event allowed to take place after a funeral/cremation?

All gatherings as defined which includes inter alia, recreational, religious or cultural purposes are prohibited. Lockdown Regulations Chapter 1 definition of a gathering and Regulation 3 refers.

No.9- QUESTION: When attending a funeral does the 48-hour period of temporary stay still apply?

Government Gazette No. 43232 has deleted paragraph (h) of sub regulation (8) and therefore the 48-hour condition for funerals no longer applies and no other time limits are provided.

No.10- QUESTION: Are the other conditions still applicable to funerals?

The other conditions still apply and a permit issued by a Magistrate or a station commander or a person designated by him or her, is required to attend a funeral.

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