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Dr Conradie's got my back: Tips for correct sleeping posture

FEBRUARY 1, 2016
Dr Conradie's got my back: Tips for correct sleeping posture

In this edition of Dr Conradie Has Got My Back, the good doctor answers some of your burning questions regarding chiropractors and correct sleeping posture. 

How will a chiropractor treat my problem?

If your chiropractor determines that your case can be treated by a chiropractor he/she will seek to remove any fixations present. The treatment generally consist of highly specialized adjustments.

These are performed by hand and is done with a high velocity, low amplitude thrust being applied to a specific vertebrae in the spine. These adjustments are safe and some patients experience immediate relief as the joint motion is restored to its normal position and the nerve is free of irritation or pressure.

In most cases however, some patients require a few treatments in order to correct the problem. No two patients react the same. When an adjustment is performed you might hear a click when it is done. This bones aren't breaking or cracking, there are discs in between the vertebrae that have gas bubbles inside that just burst when the adjustment is done.

Tips for correct sleeping posture:

The proper way to sleep is either on your back with a pillow under your knees or on your side with a pillow in between your legs. This pillow will take the pressure off the lower back and prevent it from twisting. Place a pillow under your neck. Make sure it isn't too high or too low.

Your head and the rest of your spine should be in line with one another. Lying in the fetal position when your head is tucked in and your knees pulled up reverses your lower back and neck curves and increase the stress on your spine. Never ever sleep on your stomach! Lying in your tummy puts undue stress on your neck, mid back and hips.

Are chiropractors opposed to medical treatment?

Certainly NOT! Chiropractors recognize that there are many things that can go wrong in the body and frequently either medication or surgery are the only appropriate option.

Each chiropractor is trained to know when they can help and when to refer the patient to another health care provider. Chiropractors will serve patients to the best of their ability and make sure patients get the help they need as soon as possible. 

Will my medical aid pay for my chiropractic treatments?

Virtually all medical aids in South Africa will reimburse for your treatment. It does however depend on each person's payment plan as to the extent to which they are covered. It is best to find out from your medical aid whether you will be covered before your chiropractic treatment. 

Is chiropractic care covered by Workman's Compensation (COIDS)?

Yes! Since 1994 chiropractic care has been covered by COIDS. This means that injuries obtained whilst on duty may be treated by a chiropractor without referral from another physician. All costs including X-rays and the treatments will be reimbursed by COIDS.

Second only to the common cold, lower back pain is the most common cause for loss of man hours at work every year. In the USA, chiropractic care costs up to 50% less than comparable medical care and requires 50% less sick leave before returning to work.

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