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Drama in Sidwell after two attempted to hijack truck in front of detectives

Jul 27, 2018
Drama in Sidwell after two attempted to hijack truck in front of detectives

Mount Road SAPS Cluster Commander, Maj Gen Thembisile Patekile, has praised the community for their brave assistance in apprehending two attempted hijacking suspects in Sidwell, Port Elizabeth, on Thursday afternoon.

"The drama unfolded when two detective Sergeants, who were on investigation duties witnessed an alleged hijacking taking place in front of them," described police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

"According to the officers, they were travelling on Commercial Road a few metres behind a delivery truck when they noticed two suspicious persons emerge and run to towards the slow moving truck.

"The truck was slowing down as it neared the traffic lights. The suspects got into the passenger side and was seen pointing the driver with a firearm."

She said that the driver was shoved out of the truck.

"The policemen then alighted from the vehicle and when the suspects saw them, they jumped off and the one with the firearm pointed the firearm at them. A shot was fired by the police officer and the suspects took off running in different directions," Col Naidu said.

"Community members, on hearing the shots and seeing police hot on the heels of the suspects joined in the chase. The injured suspect fell and was pinned down by a community member while police continued chasing the other suspect."

The second suspect was found hiding on a premises in Wilson Road and was ‘flushed out’ by PE K9 unit members.

Col Naidu added that the first suspect, aged 24 years, was shot in his upper body while the other, aged 28, was unharmed.

"A 9mm Taurus firearm was also recovered. Suspects have been detained on charges of attempted truckjacking, illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition. They will appear in court on Monday," she said.

"During the mayhem, the driver of the truck drove off and has not reported to the police station."

Maj Gen Patekile has praised the team work by both the community and the police.

"It is amazing how everyone joined in the pursuit of the suspects. Even though one of the suspect’s were armed, this did not deter the community members from making sure that they did not get away.

"The fight against crime is not the responsibility of the police alone and we urge the community to play an active part in the prevention of crime and report suspicious and criminal activities," he added.

"The safety of our communities is at the forefront of the SAPS mission and we will vigorously uphold and enforce the law. There is no place for criminals in our communities."