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Drought conditions still prevailing across the country, save water

AUGUST 30, 2016
Drought conditions still prevailing across the country, save water

The South African Weather Service has encouraged South Africans to use water sparingly as the country is still experiencing drought conditions.

This just as water authorities also sounded the alarm over the rapidly declining levels of the main supply dams to the Nelson Mandela Bay and Gamtoos Valley farmers, pointing fingers at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality for squandering the scarce resource.

“The current drought is the result of a sequence of dry spells and extreme hot conditions associated with the very strong 2015/16 El Niño event and preceding drier than normal years, especially over the central parts of South Africa,” the SA weather Service said on Monday.

South Africa may take some time to recover from the drought. This will depend on rainfall and temperature conditions over the coming spring through summer 2016/17 season.

“A weak La Niña is cautiously expected, though neutral conditions remain a potential competitor,” the SA Weather service said.

This means that South Africa will probably experience a normal rainfall season as there is no promise that the La Niña will bring a lot of rain.

“Generally, conditions over the Indian Ocean may not be conducive for rainfall activities during spring… not having early spring rain.

“Most climate models indicate, with marginal confidence, the prospect of above normal rainfall conditions towards the early summer season,” the SA Weather Service said.

–additional reporting SAnews.gov.za