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DSG and St Andrew's College put on Drama Showcase 2017

APRIL 11, 2017
DSG and St Andrew's College put on Drama Showcase 2017

War Cries, Lullabies And Other (Un)Acceptable Sounds For Post-Millennials To Make,created and performed by the Grade 11 and 12 Dramatic Arts’ pupils from The Diocesan School for Girls and St Andrew’s College, was a bold, funny and often brutal examination of the post-millennial generation.

The performance took place in a local night club and audience members arrived to pumping music, soft-drinks on sale at the bar and flashing LED lights. What followed was a series of short episodes that varied in style, tone and genre but all explored the single idea: “What does it mean to be young today?”

The performers pushed themselves to deliver heartfelt and touching performances, and tackled difficult topics such as rape culture, homophobia, racism, the privileges offered to different groups of people, gender inequalities, body shaming and masculinity. Despite the serious subject matter, some groups approached these topics in a playful manner.

A group of matric girls chose to deconstruct the sex-obsessed music video culture by ‘stripping’ down to fat suits stuffed with items such as food, magazine covers, and sanitary pads in an attempt to talk about things they often feel they are not allowed to discuss. Similarly the boys exploded on stage in fishnets in an attempt to challenge what it means to be a man. A visually impressive mask piece by matric pupils showed the evolution of the post-millennials and poked fun at the ‘selfie’ and Wi-Fi obsessed generation.

Grade 11 pupils tackled contemporary issues in a realistic style of performance and forced the audience to consider problems that we often avoid, in the hopes that we can find solutions and change the future for the better.

The showcase was well-received by a largely post-millennial audience who felt the performances tackled the particular set of challenges facing them as they attempt to navigate their way through a very unstable world towards an even less certain future.