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DSG Matric pupils excel in the IEB Exams

Dec 30, 2016
DSG Matric pupils excel in the IEB Exams

The Matric girls of 2016 have done the Diocesan School for Girls (Grahamstown) proud and attained a superb set of results across the board.

Of the 86 girls who sat the IEB National Senior Certificate examinations, 84 achieved a BD (which qualifies them to study towards a Bachelor’s Degree at a university) with one candidate attaining a Diploma pass and another whose results are incomplete due to illness.

"This in itself is a noteworthy achievement and one of which we are exceptionally proud. In addition to this, the girls attained a whopping 200 subject distinctions and 214 B symbols," said Cherié Wille from SAC School.

Tegan van der Merwe (Grahamstown) attained nine subject distinctions and was placed on the IEB Commendable List for coming in the top 5% of approximately 10 100 candidates in five of her subjects. She was also listed in the top 1% for Mathematics and Music nationally.

"This is a phenomenal achievement and DSG congratulates her most warmly." said Cherié.

Jaime Brockwell (Bedford), Amy Dixie (Bedford), Jessica Ferreira (Grahamstown), Tessa Glyn (Johannesburg) and Teigan Zoutendyk (Johannesburg) each achieved seven distinctions while Kimberley Devis (Bonnievale) and Natalie Rogers (Middleburg) achieved 6 distinctions.

"A further two of our girls, Tatiana Domnick and Emily Dvorak, attained five distinctions each. Garance Chabanel, Alexandra Evans, Callan Johnson, Gemma Kroon, Jordan MacFarlane and Anna van Hasselt attained four distinctions each." Cherié explained.

Nine Distinctions: Tegan van der Merwe

Seven Distinctions: Jamie Brockwell, Amy Dixie, Jessica Ferreira, Tessa Glynn, Teigan Zoutendyk


Six Distinctions: Kimberley Devis, Natalie Rogers


The following two girls have been placed in the top 1% in the country for individual subjects.

Tegan van der Merwe:           Mathematics and Music

Siphosethu Sota:                      IsiXhosa

"We are proud of our academic record which I know can be largely attributed to our strong work ethic as well as to the dedication and commitment to excellence from the teachers and the girls." said Cherié.