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DSG News: Grade 8 Induction and Interhouse Quiz

Feb 13, 2017
DSG News: Grade 8 Induction and Interhouse Quiz

Grade 8 Induction

“At last orientation is over, we no longer have to wear our hair in pony tails and we get to ditch those uncomfortable bashers!” 

The Grade 8 ‘Rite of Passage’ service was the brainchild of the 2014 Matrics who felt there needed to be a point at which orientation stopped and life at the DSG began in earnest.

Coming out of this initiative was a very meaningful ceremony in which the Grade 8s (and all new girls to the school) were asked to commit themselves to the life and ethos of the DSG. The whole school then reciprocated with a promise to assimilate them into our sisterhood and to nurture them as they grow amongst us. The Grade 8s were presented with small candles which were lit to symbolize their transition to senior school for the next five years. A symbolic extinguishing of the candles takes places at the valedictory service in matric.

A very special ceremony!

Interhouse Quiz

On Thursday evening, each House sent two teams to participate in the termly General Knowledge Quiz.

The results were as follows:

In the Junior section:

1st – Merriman (38.5 points)

In the Senior section:

1st – Crewe (32 points)

Overall standings:

1st – Merriman (65.5 points)

2nd – Crewe (59.5 points)

3rd – Espin (52 points)

4th – Knowling (50.5 points)

Special mention must be made of the Merriman Juniors – Chelsea Cordner, Pooja Vijay, Leah Micklewright and Oyama Mzayidume – who beat all of the other teams, including all of the seniors!