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DSG pupils at Equestrian event

Jul 23, 2018
DSG pupils at Equestrian event

A number of Diocesan School for Girls rode in the First for Horses Cape Classic Show over half term. This was a four-day show, and the girls and their horses faced strong competition. The DSG girls done well by placing in most of the classes.


Sienna Evans:

1st in 80cm junior equitation,

3rd in 80cm jumping welcome stakes, 2nd in 80cm jumping A2,

6th in 80cm jumping 2 phase,

4th in 80cm jumping championship

 5th in 90cm jumping 2 phase.


Emily Roodt:

3rd in 1m A2 speed

4th in 1m 2 phase

4th in 1m championship


Beth Rennie:

4th in 80cm Welcome stakes

3rd in 80cm competition in 2 phase

5th in 80cm championship


Cate Gerber:

2nd 1.10m 2 phase

2nd 1.10m championship


Anna Bradfield:

4th in championship


 Kei Repapis:

1st 1.10 championship


Georgie Gerber:

3rd 1m welcome stakes

3rd 1m competition in two phase

3rd 1m championship