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DSG pupils participate in the Alexander Road Debating Festival

Feb 1, 2017
DSG pupils participate in the Alexander Road Debating Festival

John F. Kennedy argued that, “… without debate, without criticism no administration, no country can succeed and no republic can survive.” Yes, debating grants everyone the opportunity to find their voice and learn how to use it. Debaters are not trained to compete but to be analytical, creative and thoughtful. Debating is indeed the architect of a better tomorrow.

Last Saturday, the DSG debaters, both juniors and seniors, took part in the Alexander Road Debating Festival with several local schools including Alex Road, Muir College, Collegiate, Selborne, Hudson Park, Kingsridge and Clarendon.

The DSG junior team comprised: Oyama Mzayidume, Libo Ngwenya, Lilitha Zilwa, Esona Dyanti, Zona Nkosiyane, and Zanda Nkosiyane and our seniors were Bulelani Mabanga, Tamia Mfazi, Cleo Ntuthu, Hlumi Kondile and Azile Mcikithi.

Juniors and seniors debated the same motion – in the first round it was ‘This House believes that a leader needs to be loud and vociferous.’ DSG 1 was required to propose the motion with Pearson 1 opposing it. The converse applied to DSG 2 who had to oppose the motion against Pearson 2’s proposal. The girls really applied themselves well and showed great mental stamina throughout their debate. However, Pearson managed to narrowly win by a mere two points.

Undeterred, the debaters went into the second round of the debate with even greater determination and won the second round, debating with Alex Road High School and Muir College. The motion for the the second round was: ‘This House believes that the current water restrictions are not the answer’.

"This was a great opportunity for the more experienced debaters as well as the beginners and we congratulate them all on their achievements. We congratulate all the debaters. They did well and put forward sound, well-constructed arguments and presented their cases well. The adjudicators were impressed with their progress. Well done to Bule Mabanga and Oyama Mzayidume for winning ‘Best Speaker’ in their respective debates." said the DSG staff.

Caption: Bule Mabanga and Oyama Mzayidume