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DSRAC commemorates 58th Anniversary of Ingquza Hill Massacre

Jun 5, 2018
DSRAC commemorates 58th Anniversary of Ingquza Hill Massacre

The Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC), in partnership with the OR Tambo and Alfred Nzo District Municipalities, will on Wednesday commemorate the 58th Anniversary of the Ingquza Hill Massacre in Flagstaff.

According to the Department, the commemoration is in memory of all Mpondo people that lost their lives and loved ones during and in the aftermath of the 1960 Mpondo Revolt.

"It is also a day to recognise and acknowledge the role of the Mpondo people played in the struggle for freedom," said Spokesperson, Andile Nduna.

"The commemoration kick started with two build-up activities that were held from 2 to 3 of June 2018, where four Sport and Recreation hubs were competing in soccer, netball, volleyball, and indigenous games. There was also a memorial lecture held in Ngquza Hill Memorial Site." 

He added that the DSRAC has built a memorial to pay homage to the icons that were massacred and further repatriated from Pretoria and reburied remains of 23 locals that had been executed in the Pretoria Gallows in 1964 for their participation in uprisings in the early 1960s.

"Ngquza Hill Massacre (also called Ingquza Hill Massacre) occurred on 6 June 1960, on the Ngquza Hill near Flagstaff and Lusikisiki in the then Eastern Pondoland (today part of Eastern Cape).

"After years of dissatisfaction and opposition to the application of the Apartheid government's Land Rehabilitation Programme/Betterment Scheme; the use of chiefs by the apartheid state; and the Bantu Authorities Act of 1951 which meant that Transkei would gain independence, a group of Mpondo men and women gathered on Ngquza Hill to attend a meeting by iKongo (congress), a movement formed to fight for the rights of the Mpondo people in Eastern Pondoland. The peaceful gathering was met with a violent response from the state," Nduna described.

"Two military aircraft bombarded the villagers with teargas and smoke bombs, while armed policemen surrounded the crowd. Eleven people died, 58 were injured and twenty three people arrested."