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Duo guilty of killing 12-year-old girl and attempting to kill her parents

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 20, 2018
Duo guilty of killing 12-year-old girl and attempting to kill her parents

There was a sense of joy at the Port Elizabeth High Court on Tuesday where two suspects were found guilty of the brutal killing of a 12-year-old girl, Aliya ‘Angel’ Tee, back in June 2016.

Angel was shot dead before her mother’s eyes after the two accused, Nealon Redhouse, 18, and Deon 'Kwas' Harmse, 24, forcefully entered their home in June 2016.

The duo then open fire on the Grade7 Strelitzia Primary School Prefect. It was so bad that her mother, Candice after witnessing the whole incident, had to pray; “God take her now she is yours” in their bathroom where they hid from the gunman.

The gunmen also went after Edmund, the father, who only survived by pretending to be dead. He sustained serious injuries from the shooting, which left him paralysed.

Judge Mandela Makaula acknowledged that the family of the deceased had a painful and traumatic experience, “especially Candice, who witnessed her child die and laying in a pool of blood, but remained a credible witness".

He highlighted that both, Candice and Edmund’s were credible witnesses and excelled in re-living their traumatic experience.

Judge Makaula said that he believes that the family “was attacked because they were witnesses of a man’s murder".

“In my fair view, I’d say that was the motive of the attack. The accused wanted to murder Candice and it is clear that when they left they wanted to kill everyone."

The two were found guilty of contravening Section 61 of the Police Services, presenting themselves as the members of the South African Police Service, Attempted housebreaking with intent to murder, Attempted murder on Edmund Tee, Housebreaking with intent to murder, murder of Aaliyah Tee and attempted murder of Candice Tee.

Nealon Redhouse, who is accused number one, was found guilty of possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition while Harmse was not found guilty of the two charges.

Gary Augustine, who was Aliya ‘Angel’ Tee’s uncle, said: “These things happen in our communities for me to say that I forgive them now is easy, but they will never understand what trauma we went through and what about the next person, who was killed after Angel was killed.

“Society will just go on and crying will continue. We as a family stood together through this difficult time and we hope that they will change their lives in prison.”

He added that he was not there to judge because the judge has already done that.

The two will remain in custody while awaiting their sentencing, which will happen on 26 and 27 July 2018.

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