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Dutywa man expected in court for murdering teenager

AUGUST 10, 2015
Dutywa man expected in court for murdering teenager

A 25-year-old suspect was arrested on Sunday morning by Dutywa police for the murder of a 19-year-old man.

"It is alleged that both the suspect and the deceased were from circumcision ceremony on Saturday at about 20:00 at Ngonyama Location Mputi Village, Dutywa.

"A quarrel broke out between the two and the suspect allegedly drew his knife and stabbed the deceased on his upper body," police said.

"The deceased was taken to his home by other village men where he died while still waiting for transport to take him to the hospital. The cause of the quarrel is not yet known."

The suspect has been charged with murder and will appear before the Dutywa Magistrate Court on Tuesday on a charge of murder.

The deceased will be identified once most of family members have been informed of his death.