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“Dwarf” Nzimande’s kill comments not shocking - EFF

“Dwarf” Nzimande’s kill comments not shocking - EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has labelled Higher Education Minister and South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary, Blade Ndzimande, a “self-hating black pseudo communist dwarf” after he reportedly stated that the Young Communist League should ensure the party gets killed off

“They must engage them ideologically‚ they must engage them politically‚ they must engage them on the ground in terms of ensuring that the EFF dies,” he said during a National Congress meeting last week, before adding that the reference was made at the organisation and not the deaths of actual members.

In a statement, EFF National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, said Ndzimande’s comments were not shocking as the SACP is “part of the neoliberal anti-black ANC state”.

“Nzimande has not called for parties like the DA who openly advocate for privatisation and neoliberalism to be killed or racist organisations like Afriforum or parties that defend white interests like FF+ to die. He wants the EFF, a socialist and left wing party to die because in essence EFF does not depend on white intellectuals like Nzimande’s SACP,” Ndlozi said.

“The EFF has managed to grow into a formidable force, both in the urban and rural areas, but also in intellectual stature, without any white supervision. What makes gives him sleepless nights is that unlike him, blacks of the EFF have managed to truly build an alternative socialist party without any white supervision”.

Ndlozi also stated that it was common knowledge that Nzimande, who he described as a “intellectual dwarf”, relied on SACP Deputy Secretary General, Jeremy Cronin, “to make any meaningful and substantial contribution” to the running of the organisation.

“What he is saying also reflects the deep jealousy suffered by white communists like Cronin who cannot take anything black that is intellectually self-sufficient. They therefore use self-hating dwarfs who suffer from colonial psychosis like Nzimande to communicate their desires,” Ndlozi said, adding that the SACP has always made it their aim to downgrade “radical blacks in the protection of white privileges”.

“South Africa is in this mess economically because of SACP’s contribution. Nzimande is therefore representing the best of this historic tradition: kill any party that demands nationalisation as this is tempering with white privileges. Nzimande can rest assured that no one, even the ANC, can stop us”.