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Early morning raid nets eight in Eastern Cape

By Charl Bosch - Oct 16, 2015
Early morning raid nets eight in Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape police have confirmed the arrest of eight suspects across the province following an early morning raid on Thursday as part of Operation Fiela.

In a statement, police spokesperson Colonel Sibongile Soci said one suspect in Port Elizabeth was taken into custody after being found in possession of a two unlicensed firearms, 29 nine millimeter rounds of ammunition, a holster, two silencers and packets containing 11 mandrax tablets, 28 cocaine rocks and 19 ziplocks bags filled with tik.

Elsewhere in the city, police arrested another suspect for dealing in drugs while a third man was put behind bars after being found in possession of stolen electronic goods ranging from five laptops and three cellphone charges, to a iPhone and USB cable.

A total of 85 vehicles were also stopped and inspected with traffic fines amounting to R34 000 being issued.

In East London, 100 fake DVD’s and a similar number of dagga bongs worth R2 000 were confiscated, with police also closing down three restaurants operating without licenses.

Soci stated that police in Lady Frere also arrested five suspects between the ages of 24 and 59 for the possession of cocaine worth R3 000. At the same time, two pangas and three knives were also confiscated and traffic fines worth R5 000 issued.