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Earth Hour 2017 Campaign

Mar 23, 2017
Earth Hour 2017 Campaign

Alderman Melvin Naik, Executive Mayor of George would like to invite the public of George to support the global Earth Hour 2017 campaign on Saturday, 25 March 2017.

Citizens are asked to join the symbolic 60 minutes of darkness by switching off all lights/non-essential electrical equipment between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on the 25th March -  as a shared moment to reflect on our impact on the planet.

The George Municipality will join and support this initiative by encouraging individuals, including our staff and municipal facilities, to partake by switching off non-essential lighting and other appliances for this one hour. 

The global community has celebrated this iconic event for the environment for over 10 years. Started in 2007, last year saw an unprecedented 178 countries switch off in the global effort to change climate change. Over 400 iconic landmarks switched off for the occasion and 1.2 million individual actions were taken.