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East London detectives make big breakthrough on burglary case

FEBRUARY 1, 2016
East London detectives make big breakthrough on burglary case

Fleet  Street Police Station  detectives made a huge breakthrough on Friday 29 January 2016 ,when they arrested two suspects for burglary and theft of furniture valued at about R100 000.  

This followed after  detectives  engaged in a sting operation  on a case of robbery that took place on the 9th of October 2015. It was alleged that the owner of the house received a call from his security company that his premises were broken into.

On arrival  he found his front door tampered with and forced open , inside found  the house ransacked,  wall mirror broken , bedroom sets , TV, Radio music player system  , amplifier , cutlery , lounge suit, curtains and sheets were stolen from the house .  

The detectives were extra hours, investigating the case following  leads,  and the first breakthrough came on Friday 29 January 2016 when one 24 year old  suspect  was arrested for possession of stolen property in another case was successfully linked  to the case of    October 2015.  

The detectives did not rest , went on to arrest a second suspect aged 26  who was an awaiting trial prisoner at Correctional Services. The suspects pointed out the places where they sold the property around the Quigney area. They are to appear in the East London Magistrate court  on Wednesday  3 February 2016 on charges of burglary and theft.