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East London-developed Ntuza App promises to revolutionise the taxi cab industry

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 24, 2017
East London-developed Ntuza App promises to revolutionise the taxi cab industry

The first 100% black-owned taxi cab hailing app, the Ntuza Digital Taxi Cab App, with features that promise to change the experience of South African commuters, was launched with pomp and ceremony at the East London International Convention Centre, in East London, after about two years in development. 

The app, which wants to take on global giant, Uber, was conceived by East London-based taxi operator, Eugene Mfaka, popularly known as Ntuza.

Speaking to RNEWS, Mfaka said that he is proud that he has made the very first black-owned taxi hailing app in South Africa.

“I already have a shuttle service in Port Elizabeth and in East London, so I had a vision of taking Eugene shuttle to another level a different and better level,” he said.

He added that, through experience, he had noticed that one can easily lose money in the shuttle business and so, he had to come up with ways of keeping his business sustainable.

“I noticed that one person will call about four cabs at once and  use the first one arrived and then switch off his phone, so I had to come up with a better way to win clients over,” said Mfaka.

Ntuza App features

The Ntuza App will offer variety of services that will guarantee safety and reliability in the marketplace at R8 per kilometre. Amongst other things, the Ntuza App will provide Lifestyle features that are not found on competiting taxi cab hailing apps.

The features will include tracking and monitoring enablement plus a panic button that will activate South African Police Service(SAPS), should foul play be suspected. More so, there is a “PICK UP MY CHILD FROM SCHOOL" booking feature plus long distance travel.

It will also include an ambulance activation button to function as a reliable safe method of booking an ambulance.

Furthermore, the Ntuza App will soon link up with a reliable and trusted Ingcibi (traditional surgeon) and Amakhankatha (traditional guardians) database. The App panic button will help initiates at tradional rite of passage training to activate an ambulance should a need arise.

Mfaka said that the Ntuza App will have a “Call-The-Driver” security check option to ensure the driver indeed the one booked for the trip.

He added that the App will soon function as a “Mr Delivery” for fast foods, with specific retailers and also afford the public with well-trained drivers on mannerisms and etiquette.

Traditional taxi owners will also be able to participate by taking advantage of the Ntuza App business opportunity thereby avoiding any potential clashes with taxi and cab owners, which Mfaka hopes will ensure Broad Based Economic Empowerment.

“Pursuant to wide consultations, including taxi organisations and government, there is no doubt South Africa will now breathe a big sigh of relief from the troubled taxi cabs environment, which did not provide for taxi owners to participate in these economic opportunities,”  said Mfaka.

Praise for Ntuza App

Speaking at the launch, East London SAPS Acting Visible Policing Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jongisizwe Manyisa, said that he is pleased with the App and the features as it will reduce crime in the city.

He said that, there is a high rate of robberies and cabs being hijacked in East London.

“We receive lots of complaints of cabs being robbed or hijacked, with this app it will make it easier for us to identify the perpetrators and also curb the crime,” said Lieutenant Colonel Manyisa

Alderson Ambulance Paramedic, Ayanda Mpongo, echoed him and said that Alderson Ambulance is happy to partner with the brand that operates the same way they do.

“We happy and excited that we will be part of the App, it make life easy for everyone,” said Mpongo.

He added that Alderson has more than 30 ambulances with vehicle tracker in the Eastern Cape and go everywhere in the province.

However, the Ntuza App would never have been a success without the help ofSmall Enterprise Development Agency (Seda).

Speaking on behalf of SEDA, East London Branch manager, Duma Maqhubela, said that Mfaka proposed his idea to them about two years ago and they accessed it.

“After we accessed the idea we got him a service provider that made his idea a reality today, however, this App is not our App we will not a claim a cent on it,” said Maqhubela.

He added that, SEDA’s job is to assist and help developing entrepreneurs, he wished the Ntuza App good luck.

Speaking on behalf of the Mfaka family, Vuyisa Mfaka, said that all the East London stakeholders must work together to grow the city.

“All the stakeholders of the City need to work together, it can be done only if we do not limit our capacity,” said Mfaka.

She concluded that all those, who wish to start their business or have business idea must get up and go to the relevant people.