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East London police on a drive to fight substance abuse by pupils

East London police on a drive to fight substance abuse by pupils

The Cambridge SAPS, in cooperation with South African National Council on Alcoholism (SANCA) are carrying out a drive to inform high schools pupils around East London about the dangers associated with substance abuse.

The drive, which was started late August, has seen Cambridge police station Captains: Mluleki Mbi, Mario Kemp and Pierre Viviers, visiting different high schools around the metro.

“Unfortunately for us, we are unable to look for the signs of drug use. Our job is to arrest individuals with any illegal substances on them. This is why we have roped SANCA in. They are able to address the children,” Captain Mbi told Go&Express.

Mbi said the arrest of these kids has a negative impact on their future as the chances of employment become slim when one has a criminal record.

Youth, especially teenagers mostly fall into drug use because of peer pressure and curiosity.

SANCA’s Pauline Jimmy said drugs were classified into three categories - stimulants, hallucinogens and depressants, and further categorised by the different effects these drugs have on individuals.

“We live in an age where drugs, and information on it is easily accessible, making it easier for teenagers to fall into the trap.

“Substances will always be there. Prescription medication, diet pills, performance enhancers... A person has to be able to say no to them,” she said.

Image: uae.com