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East London residents warned of dangerous madman

AUGUST 21, 2015
East London residents warned of dangerous madman

East London police have asked the public to be on the look out for a dangerous mentally ill man, after he went on the run. Members of the public have, however, been warned not to approach the man, who once shot his father and held a gun to his own child’s head.

Curt van Nieuwenhuizen, 53, has also threatened to kill his family at their Cambridge home. 

The latest developments come when a case of assault was opened against him on Saturday after he allegedly beat his sister, threatened his parents with a sharpened golf club and screamed at them and police that he would “kill you all”.

Van Nieuwenhuizen is a diagnosed schizophrenic. He first made headlines after he shot his father Paul in the neck in December 1996 during a heated argument about his divorce. In 1984, he was committed to Komani Psychiatric Hospital in Queenstown, but refused to take medication.

His ex-wife and children now live in Germany.

Recently, he had become increasingly agitated and paranoid and about six weeks ago, he said his life was in danger and that he planned to apply for diplomatic immunity in the US and Germany. 

Anyone with information on Van Nieuwenhuizen must call Sergeant Zoleka Mzamo on 043 709 7500 or 071 475 1681.

Image: DailyDispatch