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Eastern Cape coastal conditions reach extremely uncomfortable levels

APRIL 11, 2016
Eastern Cape coastal conditions reach extremely uncomfortable levels

Weather conditions along the Eastern Cape coast and adjacent interior have reached EXTREMELY uncomfortable levels, the Port Elizabeth office of the South African Weather Services warned. 

"Port Elizabeth has a temperature of 36 with a humidity of 30% which equates to a discomfort index of in excess of 105," said spokesperson, Garth Sampson.

"At this level, school sport should be stopped as well as any hard labour.

"Coastal stations from Plettenberg Bay to Port Alfred have registered similar temperatures."

He said that over the adjacent interior in places like  Addo and Uitenhage temperatures are in excess of 36C.

"The reset of the week will be warm with maximum temperatures above 26C. Although sight cooling on Tuesday maximum temperatures will rise to around 34 C on Thursday," described Sampson.

"The first signs of real cooling can be expected over the weekend with some rain."


Discomfort Index

A.         Introduction

When temperature and humidity are high at the same time, humans ability to cool their bodies through sweating are reduced. This can be a real threat:


  • Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible
  • The old and infirm must take extra care
  • Listen to the radio or TV for warnings.
  • Cease strenuous outdoor activity if advised
  • Avoid playing sport
  • Dress in light weight clothes
  • Drink plenty of liquids NOT alcohol

Track 16

A.         Introduction


The temperature in a motor-car can rise to more than 10 degrees higher than the outside temperature in just 10 minutes and 20 C in 30 minutes. . Do not leave pets or children in motor-cars, especially in hot conditions.