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Eastern Cape company top marketer in South Africa

By supplied - May 29, 2015
Eastern Cape company top marketer in South Africa

SOUND BUSINESS principles and a long term commitment to growing the economic landscape in the Eastern Cape paid off when Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer (CECM) was named Chevron South Africa’s Top Branded Marketer for 2014.

The award recognised CECM’s growth over the past decade – from 34 to 100 sites across the province, and growing Chevron from fourth to second largest fuel brand in the region – showing significant growth in a difficult market. The Caltex marketer’s customer service, compliance and contribution to growing the brand image of the network were also part of the criteria for the award.

With thirty-three full time staff and an estimated 2,000 petrol attendants (excluding supervisors, cashiers, cleaners and shop staff) employed under the Caltex banner in the Eastern Cape, CECM has become a significant employer in the province.

On accepting the award, an elated Clive Berlyn, CEO of CECM, acknowledged the contribution of the management team, staff and local suppliers to the company’s success and achievement.

“Our commitment to our policy of buying and recruiting locally demonstrates that is more than possible for an Eastern Cape company to take on the rest of the country, and win.  Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer was the first branded marketer to be appointed and there was considerable scepticism from both external stakeholders and from many within Chevron about the model. That was in 2005, and since then CECM has acquired the rights to all Caltex sites in the Eastern Cape, including East London and Port Elizabeth.

“Ten other branded marketers have been launched in Southern Africa. CECM remains something of a pioneer, and a number of programmes and systems that we developed have been adopted by other branded marketers” said Berlyn.

CECM, located in East London, broadened its footprint to cover the entire Eastern Cape with the establishment of a regional office in Port Elizabeth in 2013.


CAPTION: altex Eastern Cape Marketer has been named by Chevron SA as the top Branded Marketer for 2014. Handing over the award is Rochna Kaul, General Manager Sales: Chevron SA, to Clive Berlyn CECM CEO & Patrick Kelly, CECM COO, Naseem Fataar and Ashwin Raja of Chevron SA. SUPPLIED IMAGE