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Eastern Cape cops honoured for service and sacrifice

Nov 30, 2015
Eastern Cape cops honoured for service and sacrifice

In the quest to further motivate, acknowledge, reward and pay tribute to the excellent work and many sacrifices made by the men and women in blue, including members employed in terms of the Public Service Act, the Eastern Cape Service Excellence Awards were held on Friday night at The Venue, Hemmingways, East London.  

According to Eastern Cape police, the objective of the awards is to celebrate and reward excellent executed work, exceptional conduct and dedication demonstrated by employees in service delivery in all spheres of Policing. The awarding of these awards followed the adjudication processes of a culmination of all nominated employees’ stories of excellent performance in clusters of the Province.

In her address, Eastern Cape Police Commissioner Lt General Celiwe Binta said, “Distinguished guests, opportunities to reward  staff is ample and the reward staff is ample and the rewards many employees sees the Code of Conduct and Set Values of the organization not just as words,  but translate it into behaviors that meet the expectations that communities have of a professional police service.

"Therefore it has been proven that organisations that employ the positive principles of encouraging their personnel to perform better, retain their loyalty whilst promoting the organisation’s goals. The overall effect is improved customer satisfaction through committed and engaged employees who are proud of the organisation they work for.”

Another highlight of the night was the awarding of the Provincial Commissioner’s Good Ambassador Cup, This cup is awarded by the Provincial Commissioner, to any member, employee, officer or senior manager who has through any specific action or the continuous service of an excellent standard, represented and promoted the SAPS in a manner which is highly commendable.

Major General Chris Ntantiso, Deputy Provincial Commissioner: Physical Resources Management walked away with the cup for the pivotal role he played in managing all the support functions required in securing the successful execution of big events such as; numerous National and Local Elections, The 2010 Soccer World Cup, The Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon),  the official funeral of the late President, Tata Mandela and Polmusca, to name but a few.

The Star of the Year award was awarded to Constable Mervin Wayne Frans from Joza Police Station in Grahamstown.

In her keynote address, the Eastern Cape MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Weziwe Tikana said “The fight against crime is the responsibility of everyone. A policing approach which is based on placing the interests mof communities at the centre of everything all is required at each and every police station in our Province.

"This will enable us to find solutions to policing challenges through the collective resources and support from various stakeholders, in order to address the root causes of crime and the challenges that various socio economic factors pose.”

Let us continue honoring our commitment to creating a safe and secure South Africa for all and deliver a service of highest standard, a service of which we will be proud of.

Fighting Crime - It begins with me.                       

All the nominees in all categories received commendation certificates and prizes sponsored by different companies around the country.


Here is the full list of nominees:















 Admin Clerk L Walters





The employee is placed at the Flash Office of Kwazakhele-SAPS and performs the following functions:

  • Assist in handling 135 competency applications, 83 renewals 53 renewal firearm applications and 32 application.
  • Is always punctual at work.
  • Created a communication platform with the applicants by using a social network Whatsup so as to inform the applicants about the outcome of their applications.
  • The employee has a good working relationship with the Community.
  • The employee is also involved in extra mural activities as he was selected as the captain of the Eastern Cape SAPS Rugby in 2015. He also represented the SAPS National team that won Gold Medal in Paarl.



SPO R. Erasmus





The employee is the Admin Officer at the EHW- Motherwell is play a pivotal part in the achievement of the Organisational objectives for the following reasons:

  • Draws up monthly and quarterly reports, processing of financial authorities for workshops.
  • Performs Supply Chain Management duties which are not part of her Job description.
  • Assist HRM and HRD on  when the a is a critical need and also performs Personnel services tasks i.e Recruitment, screening and capturing of applications.
  • Assist Carreer Management on capturing of PEP documents.
  • Performs secretarial duites for the Transfer committee and the station management meeting.

The employee holds a BA in Criminology and Psychology, Honours Degree in Psychology and a certificate in Human Resource Management.



Security M.P. Mfakadolo





The employee was involved in arresting of an escapee prisoners from Zwelitsha Court and manage to re-arrest without any assistance. The escapee was appearing at Court on charges of rape, house breaking and malicious damage to property and the employee received a phone call from the community for assistance as he was a reservist. The employee used his private vehicle to search and apprehend the suspect.







Lt. L.L. Jacobs





The officer is a EHW functionary responsible for the following:

  • Administer psychometric assessments
  • Administer assessment cetres for SMS posts.
  • Conducts counselling and debriefing for members and close family members.
  • Presents motivational talks.
  • Involved in public awareness fo substance abuse and suicide awareness for schools in Port Elizabeth schools.
  • The officer is the ONLY Psychologist in the Eastern Cape negotiating team.


Is also involved in the following Pojects:

  • Women’s Network in Port Elizabeth
  • Organised Fun walk/run in December 2014 for people with disabilities.
  • Initiated a “Give Hope” project in commemoration of Mandela Day.
  • Established a Trauma register.
  • Involved in disaster Management Commitee




Lt.  M.P. Diniso





The officer processed 921 service termination files to Head office.

  • Assisted 16 children of SAPS members who died in line of duty by acquiring bursaries though tracker Company.
  • Assisted children of the late SAPS members who passed away in line of duty by processing applications SAPS education Trust.
  • Processing of 10 death grants which were timeously paid out by NHO.processing of pension pay out of 120 SAPS employees.
  • Processing of discharges for 283 of non-commissioned members who  brought discharge during 2014/2015 financial year.
  • Processing of resignation applications for 202 commissioned members .
  • Processing of 190 death claims which were paid by GEPF and 28 dismissal cases of ex employees were paid out by GEPF
  • The officer also works long hours from Monday to Friday 06:00 to 20:00 and also works during weekends
  • Conducts clients visits when necessary.




Capt S.H. Mayisela





The officer is responsible for certification of State assets in the Province.

  • In 2013 and 2014 he worked in Mthatha Cluster were he registered more than 100 losses whilst working over the weekends.
  • Recovered redundant IT equipment and destructed.
  • Utilise own accommodation whilst performing duties in Mthatha and did not make use of state funds for accommodation.
  • The officer ensures that all the serialised iterms allocated to the Provincial office are certified every cycle.
  • The officer is sometimes called after working hours to receive by the Service provider and Divisional Office Provisioning Store.
  • The officer manages 2 stores i.e Sutton Square and provincial store.

Assisted PAC Thafeni whose apartment was burnt down and the belongings were destroyed by fire by accommodating the member and organised a single quarter in the barracks for the member.

The officer is also responsible for inspections by ensuring any loss is minimised.

The officer is also involved with the  women’s network also handed over food parcels to King William’s Town Youth Centre.







Major M Pretorius (on behalf of the Team)

Capt B. Ngxaki

W/O S Viljoen

SAC N. Matutu

Motherwell –

Kwazakele- Finance





 The team took up enormous tasks that include

  • Processing of all administrative task through compliance with Standing orders.
  • Assist support Heads with loses and also performs operational duties.
  • Also reach out with Social responsibility programmes e.g purchasing of groceries for the memorial service of the late CST Mgoqi.
  • Assist member with submission of Tax Return through E-filling.
  • Involved in the safer school project at Tshume Primary School.




Lt Col Bezuidenhout

(on behalf of the Team)

Lt. Col. I.S. Rademeyer

Capt A.N Rudman

W/O F.I. Baker

SPO M Claasen





The Officer and her teams are involved in the following activities:

  • Projects to build relations between SAPS and the community.
  • Have acquired T-shirts at no cost to the state so as to be identified.
  • The team uses calendar activities to initiate projects e.g. Easter event at school for disabled., Communityb project for Mandela month and December World Aids day





Col F. Deljion

(on behalf of the Team)

Col B.P. Fikela

Col. N.V. Kumla

Col. V.N. Gqibitole

Col S.B. Ngonyama

Lt. Co. Jooste





The team conducted a Project Co-ordination which dealt with recruitment and enlistment:

  • The project was finalized before the due date.
  • The officers showed commitment and dedication as Project Co-ordinators.
  • The officers were innovative in the accomplishment of the finalization of enlistment and recruitment.
  • The interaction with the community leaders at Imbizo.






T/O L. Forbes





The member is dedicated and is always goes the extra mile. Assist in the scanning of dockets and also assist with Projects i.e Women’s Network, Mother and Father’s days activities. Assist in the decoration of venues for functions. She is also the Peer Educator. Ensures that there is 100% capturing and scanning of dockets




SGT Z.G. Mbasane





The member has 25 years of experience and became totally blind 5years ago. He is currently performing duties at CSC. The member also assist members with correction of statements. Assist the junior members correct capturing reports on CAS. The member has telephone techniques. Also provides in service training to junior members.




Foreman B.Roji





The member is always punctual and assists other members in execution of duties although he is partially visually impaired. Also involved in community outreach project. Although the member is deaf he uses sing language and gestures to communicate with the colleagues. He is diligent in his work.






Capt H.J. Schnetler





The officer is the Team Leader for Crime Prevention. For the period of 2014/2015 evaluation the officer and his team arrested 334 A-arrests and 372 B-arrests, 168 possession of drugs and 25 possession of suspected stolen iterms.  The officer is able to work for long hours. The officer has the ability to plan operations. Arrested 2 suspects in relation to the business breaking at Shalls Computers and recovered stolen iterms worth R20000;00. Is able interact with the community members 



Capt.  W.J. Kotze





The officer is randomly inspect the Vehicles for Vispol and arrange repairs, ordering and ordering replacement tyres. The officer conducts after hours operations. Also assisted with the inspection of SAP13. Ensure that the SAP13 stores are neat. Carried out the initiative of CCTV installations



0602178-6 Col MD. Solani





The officer has been involved in the number of the projects. Is always on standby for Motherwell Cluster. The officer works for long hours. The officer is able to work in the team environment.






CST M.W. Frans





The  employee is working at Grahamstown Highway Patrol and has contributed to 90% the teams successes:

  • Recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Seize of the transportation of drugs.
  • Limit accidents on the N2 national road.

When on duty the employee has recorded the most number successes



W/O W Meyer





The employee was involved in the shootout with the business robbers who have just robbed Fishers Jewellery store. As the suspects were escaping a shootout ensued between the robbers and the employee and he managed to shoot 1 suspect who was apprehended and a bag with jewellery was recovered. The employee sustained an injury in his left leg as he was shot by the robbers.




W/O F.V. Matrass





The employee is working at Uitenhage and is very productive and energetic. He is a team player who is able to organise members for operations i.e. roadblocks and has achieve a number of successes during this operations. Is creative and has initiated the establishment of a whatsup group for members on A Relief for information sharing.






W/O S.C. Leslie

(on behalf of the team)

W/O P.A. Marx

W/O J. Swartz

W/O P. Franks

W/O F.G. Dicks

W/O J. Potgieter

W/O E. Gerber

SGT F Makgoga

CST S. Katikati





The team has achieve the highest mumber of search and rescue operations:

  • 18 Missing person scenes
  • 4 Missing persons found
  • 54 drowning scenes
  • 13 drowned bodies recovered
  • 2 persons found alive
  • 1 positive evidence search



Capt M. Bathembu

(on behalf of the team)

W/O W.S. Koekemoer

W/O N.J. Swaartbooi

W/O D.H. Els





The employees are dedicated and go on for the extra mile to accomplish the organisational goals. On Friday 2014/11/07 the member managed to chase and arrest dangerously awaiting prisoners who were arrested for murder, armed robbery, farm attack, rape and hijacking.





Major J.D Van Zyl

(on behalf of the team)






The team is stationed at Mdantsane Crime Prevention Unit. The team have managed to stabilise the crime levels of their area focusing on the following:

  • Establishment of reliable networking
  • Information gathering of wanted suspects
  • Seizing of illegal firearms and drugs
  • Elimination of taxi violence





























R/Capt G Rademeyer





The officer is a Sector Manager for Summerstrand area. The officer is a 61 year old with 41 years as a reservist. In the area of his policing the area  is hardly targeted for serious crimes. He has go a hand on approach and good communication skills. He works 56 hour per week doing crime prevention duties without remuneration.



R/Cst A Arendse






The member is well conversant with the crime  trends and has been successful in the arrest Drunken Driving arrests. The member at times performs double shifts. He is very creative and  and delivers a professional service





Groundsman/Reservist M.J. Teyise





The member has attained 35 successful convictions ranging from rape, drugs, housebreaking and shoplifting. The member works extra hours due to his dedication. He is dedicated and contributes to the reduction of crime






CST M Bouwer





The member is stationed at Cradock-FCS .  On 24 July 2015 the member succeeded in the conviction for three (3) life sentences on Three (3) rape cases and ten years for housebreaking at Grahamstown High Court. The victims of the crimes were of the age of 44 to 91 years.




CST G. Ntliziywana





The member was instrumental in the arrest and conviction to life sentences of the suspects for rape cases. The member is dedicated and sometimes go beyond the call of duty to work extra hours.




CST J.W. Neh





The member succeeded in the  arrest of suspects who were apprehended. The victim was an American Citizen and the story received a good image of the SAPS.








Lt. Col. M.E. Mlilwana





The officer is the commander of Kwanobuhle Detective  and the Detectives have remained number 1 on the performance chart for the Uitenhage-Cluster


  • A total of 3120 case dockets were received and 2020 were referred to the court
  • 604 guilty sentences were received
  • The number of dockets on hand has decreased





Lt Col. Z.D. Manqoyi





The officer achieved a great performance in the investigation of crime;

  • 10 conviction for rape and the suspects were sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Established the Thuthuzela Centre.
  • Creativity and innovation in establishing awareness campaigns







CST Z. Matshabisa





she is a very good athlete and has managed to achiev these accolades:

  • Two (2) gold medals in triple jump and long jump in  the 2015 Athletics National Championships
  • Number 1 position in her category out of ten provinces
  • Participated in the SA Master Championship in PE
  • Participated ib SARPCCO Games in Swaziland







CST N.J. Pohleli-Ntombana





The member is the Assistant Community Police Official and has successfully initiated the coordination of the  project: Baby Hlumelo Nobebe’s Awareness Campaign.

invitation by different Government Departments and stakeholders for awareness campaigns. The event was attended by high profile government officials and received a good publicity from the Radio station and the Community TV Channels i.e. Bay TV and Nelson mandela Bay Community TV








Capt M.C. Grobler

(on behalf of the team)





The team is working in the very high crime area which is dominated by gangsterism. The Gang Investigation Team which was establish to curb the gang related cases.

The Team attends to gang related crime scenes.

Investigate all gang related cases

ensure proper crime scene management

Tracing of relevant suspects

Safeguarding of witnesses and preparation for court




Lt Col. L. Vusani

(on behalf of the team)





The teams  has managed to stabilise the levels of trio crimes in the Motherwell cluster. The teams works long hours and recruits more informers. 162 arrests were made and 92 cases reported. The team focus of house robbery, murder, business robbery and has successfully attain the conviction of the suspect to lengthy sentences.






















Through commitment and dedication, tracing and arrested three armed robberies suspects involved in a R106 million rand, armed robbery in Witbank.




CST S Dlomo





Through his commitment and dedication, tracing and arrested Six suspects in different cases of rape, robbery and armed robbery suspects. Suspects sentenced in the cases of rape




CST J. Leppan





He performed an exceptional good work in tracing and arresting the suspects in Housebreaking & theft, arm robbery, attempted murder and unlawful possession of fire-arm and ammunition




Lt Col E Sefaley





Together with other members, through his commitment and dedication has performed good work in tracing and arresting the suspects in the rape, murder housebreaking and arson cases




Capt C.J. Landman





Through his commitment and dedication, arrested suspects for drugs and in possession of unlicensed firearms. Five firearms and drugs recovered




CST J.M. Jacobs





Through his commitment and dedication, arrested three suspects for kidnapping , robbery and rape cases and were sentenced life sentence in rape, 18 months imprisonment in attempted murder and 18 months in imprisonment in kidnapping.




Warrant Officer K. Wiltmot





Together with other members, through his commitment and dedication and whilst being shot at arrested dangerous suspects and preventing them for escaping.




CST N Bokolo





Through her investigative skills, contributed to the arrest and successful conviction for crimes against women and chlidren




SGT S.J. Wolmarans





Through their commitment and dedication arrested heavily armed suspects involved in business robbery and recovered money and firearm.