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Eastern Cape Department of Social Development to host Provincial Youth Camps

Eastern Cape Department of Social Development to host Provincial Youth Camps

The Department of Social Development says it will be hosting Provincial Youth Camps at Melodino Campsite, in Port Alfred, from 15 to 20 September.

“The youth that will be participating in these camps, come from all districts, and they have been strictly selected from Children’s Homes, Youth Clubs, Child headed Households and some are victims of violence,” the department said in statement.

In partnership with Netherland’s Stenden University, which is based in Port Alfred, the department says it is training 22 unemployed youth from across the Province on a top chef skills programme and has committed to facilitating and funding training for 100 young people on a one-year SETA-accredited fitness trainers and instructors qualification.

“Therefore, this Provincial Youth Camp with be held with the following objectives: to positively motivate young people to initiate youth clubs in their communities; equip them with information on careers and economic development opportunities; encourage active participation of young people in their own development as change agents for sustainable livelihoods; and promote social cohesion, activism, patriotism, unity towards building cohesive communities; as well as to expose the provincial youth to young people from 14 international countries who will be participating as co - camp leaders,” the department says.

It says government and the department have recognized the importance of youth empowerment for the fundamental transformation of this country and have taken action to address the specific needs of young people.

“The focus is on young people by empowering them through provision of life skills to deal with peer pressure, how to assert themselves, decision making and other pertinent issues in their lives, so that we can have positive and productive young people,” the statement reads. 

“For the department, the focus on young people is appropriate in influencing many young people to learn and adopt positive and appropriate social values, which will be catalytic in the creation of a desire in them to lead productive and law-abiding lives. A total budget of R16 million has been allocated to fund these activities.”

Over the past three years, the Department has funded more than 3000 youth through youth entrepreneurship programme. On top of this, more than 500 young people have been employed permanently from Masupa –Tsela Youth Programme into Auxiliary Community Development Practitioners.