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Eastern Cape detectives get new wheels worth R12 million

Mar 13, 2019
Eastern Cape detectives get new wheels worth R12 million

Forty vehicles, worth around R12 million, were handed over to Eastern Cape detectives on Wednesday morning by Eastern Cape Transport, Safety and Liaison MEC, Weziwe Tikana, and Eastern Cape SAPS Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga, as part of enhancing service delivery in the detective service.

The vehicles - mainly Nissan double cabs, are highly suited for heavy-duty use and on rural roads.

Eastern Cape police hope they will ensure that provincial detectives are at the right place and time whenever work demands.

In addition to the forty vehicles, two mobile garage units have been added to complement these vehicles with mobile repair services.

Eight motorbikes, aimed to augment rural policing, were also handed over.

New vehicles will assist Eastern Cape detectives deliver evidence needed in court cases

Speaking at the handover, Lt Gen Ntshinga said, "Vehicles are a valuable resource which allows SAPS members to carry out their important duties more effectively.

"Since 2017, we have embarked on publicly announcing the distribution of new vehicles,for the public to be informed of our commitment to provide the resources required for our members to do patrols and patrols and increase our visibility on the ground."

She further elaborated on how the new vehicles and the mobile stations will ensure that detectives across the province deliver on their mandate to undertake investigations, effecting arrests, collecting evidence and attending court to present evidence so that court can make informed decisions in each and every case.

"The motor vehicles are an expensive resource, but are an absolute necessity for policing. It is therefore critical that we manage this important commodity smartly and act proactively towards challenges such as road conditions,accidents,mechanical problems and general wear and tear," she added.

Lt Gen Ntshinga also warned against abuse of the vehicles.

"The misuse of state vehicles will not be tolerated. Criminal and disciplinary investigations will be opened and investigated against those who are suspected of misusing state vehicles," she said.

"The neglect and lack of maintenance will be acted upon and those responsible will be held accountable for the cost incurred or loss experienced by the state, due to their actions."

MEC Tikana warns criminals across the Eastern Cape

In her speech, MEC Tikana said she never heard anyone who appreciate the work of clergy working seven days a week.

"My work here is like work of a clergy and instilling confidence to electorate whilst encouraging members.

"Allocating vehicles to your members is no small thing to go unnoticed. Today, you are given extra ordinary wings and I expect to notice and reap rewards of deploying these resources," she said.

"The introduction of those bikes is critical to us as it means you will be putting your ear on the ground. This is in line with our rural policing efforts.

"As the MEC, I will support you, be your ambassador and champion for fighting against the killing of police officers."

She added introduction of mobile garages will go a long way in ensuring that vehicles with minor repairs won't have to wait too long for repairs at the police garages.

"In this pilot project, we hope to learn and rollout to other areas."

MEC Tikana also warned criminals that crime will not be tolerated in the province.

Some of the rural clusters received between four and six vehicles like Aliwal North (6); Elliot (4); Grahamstown (4); Mt Ayliff (6); Mthatha (4) and KwaDwesi (3).

This is also inline with enhancing rural policing as well as traditional policing concept.

Chairperson of the Eastern Cape Community Policing Forum (CPF), Glen Gqwetha, delivered a acknowledging the support for provision of resources necessary to fight crime.

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