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Eastern Cape initiate fatally stabbed

Dec 29, 2014
Eastern Cape initiate fatally stabbed

What was meant to be a happy homecoming from an initiation school for Abongile Transport at Centane village, in the Mnquma local municipality, ended tragically when he was stabbed and killed near his home at the weekend.
Transport, 17, went to the initiation school about three weeks ago. 
His family was preparing umgidi (traditional celebration) on Saturday when they were shocked by the news that he was murdered the previous day.
The young initiate was stabbed to death at KuNombanjana location in Centane during the early hours of Friday. 
Police said he was stabbed during an argument with a 21-year-old man. The motive is unknown.
The Transport family is now preparing the initiate’s funeral instead of the homecoming ceremony. 
The deceased’s mother, Nokubonga, was too overcome with grief to speak to the media at the weekend.
“How could he kill my son like that?” is all she could say before breaking down.
Villager Khaya Dyani said the suspect confronted Transport who was with two other initiates on Friday. 
“He apparently called them by the wrong names and that’s where the argument started. The two other initiates were not injured.”
Police spokesperson Capt Jackson Manatha said the suspect was arrested by Centane detectives. Manatha said Transport visited his home when he and two other initiates met the suspect. 
“It is not clear why the initiate visited his home but he came across the suspect who chased him. The suspect caught up with him and stabbed him in the upper body. The teenager died instantly. 
“The motive for the murder is vague. The suspect has been charged with murder. He will appear in the Centane Magistrate’s Court today,” Manatha said.