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Eastern Cape initiation death toll rises to 10

Eastern Cape initiation death toll rises to 10

The Eastern Cape Department of Health has confirmed that the number deaths in the province’s traditional initiation season, has risen to ten.

Speaking in an interview, department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said two boys from the Tsolo and Dutywa areas were reported as having died on Thursday, while four initiates were admitted to the Holy Cross hospital in Flagstaff where one died yesterday morning.

The latest number is reportedly expected to rise further after the admittance of 36 initiates to the St Barnabas Hospital in Libode on Thursday, with problems ranging from botched circumcisions to dehydration and pneumonia.

A number of the boys were later moved to the Dr Malizo Mphehle Hospital after the sudden rise resulted in a lack of beds and even caused some patients to be shown away due to a lack of space.


IMAGE sourced from taungdailynews.wordpress.com