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Eastern Cape Municipality allegedly unlawfully employs 10 full-time Councillors

Mar 11, 2017
Eastern Cape Municipality allegedly unlawfully employs 10 full-time Councillors

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape says it has written to the Acting Municipal Manager of the Enoch Mgijima Municipality, Siyabonga Nkonki, requesting that he immediately cancels the appointment of 10 Councillors.

The Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality was established after the August 2016 local elections by the merging of Tsolwana, Inkwanca, Lukhanji local municipalities.

They "were unlawfully appointed by the municipality in 2016. The councillors should immediately pay back all the money paid to them in salaries since their appointment in September 2016," said Malibongwe Xhelisilo, a DA PR Councillor at the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality.

"The ANC in Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality appointed 10 full-time Councillors instead of two which they are permitted at law.

"The August 2016 Provincial Gazette permitted the municipality to employ two full-time Councillors, the Executive Mayor and the Speaker. This meant that any appointment outside this provision would have been against the law."

Xhelisilo said that "the municipality deliberately flouted this provision and went on to appoint 10 full-time Councillors, who have been illegally paid with municipal funds that could have been used for infrastructure and service delivery".

"Failure by the acting MM to comply with my request, will make him personally liable as he is the accounting officer for Enoch Mgijima Municipality," he described.

"The ANC is intent on cadre enrichment instead of service delivery. Enoch Mgijima Municipality is experiencing severe service delivery challenges made worse by last year’s drought which led to water restrictions.

"The DA will fight against these dodgy councillor appointments and demand that the Municipality starts focusing on delivering services to residents whom they have abandoned."