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Eastern Cape Music Talent Search 2015: Auditions come near you

FEBRUARY 23, 2015
Eastern Cape Music Talent Search 2015: Auditions come near you

The Eastern Cape Music Talent Search (ECMTS), an all-genre music talent search aimed at unearthing young and talented musicians from the Eastern Cape Province, has started searching for the next big hit for 2015.

The program seeks to identify, develop, groom, mentor, record, release, distribute, market and promote the music of the identified talent. The ECMTS will be conducted in all seven districts of the Eastern Cape Province.

2. The Aims, Objectives and Purpose of the Program

? To unearth the most talented Eastern Cape musicians across all genres.
? To develop, groom and mentor the identified musicians.
? To educate and train the identified musicians in all they need to know about the music industry.
? To identify the cream of EC talent, provide opportunities for their music to be record, distributed, marketed and promoted.

3. Qualification for ECMTS

? Youth between 15 – 34 years
? Eastern Cape artists only (born or residing in EC)

4. Rules and Regulations

? You must be an Eastern Cape artist, either born or residing in EC.
? You must be between 15 – 34 years old.
? You can perform either your own original composition or a cover version.
? The competition is open to individual singers or instrumentalists, and thus excluding group performances.
? All music genres are welcomed.