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Eastern Cape police to intensify Operation Paseka over Easter

MARCH 30, 2015
Eastern Cape police to intensify Operation Paseka over Easter

Eastern Cape police say that they will intensify Operation Paseka over the coming Easter Weekend to ensure safety during the holiday.

“The operation will intensify during the Easter Weekend as Arrive Alive will also deploy more traffic officials on national roads, and cities including rural areas, along the coast and on major roads from towns and cities.

“All roads in the province will also be closely monitored to detect any criminality during this holiday period.

“The community is urged to bear with the road blocks which may seem an inconvenience, as these efforts are done to ensure their safety,” the police said in a statement.

Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lt General Celiwe Binta also assured Eastern Cape communities and visitors that SAPS members will be deployed in all priority areas to ensure the safety of all people.

“We will be out in full force and we will not tolerate any form of criminality. All our support systems are in place and we are ready to respond to any form of eventuality,” she said.

About Operation Paseka

Operation Paseka is a National Operation, aimed at ensuring that all people in the Eastern Cape are, and feel safe during the Easter holidays.

One of the key strategies is to increase police visibility in public places in order to discourage perpetrators of crime from committing criminal activities. All the SAPS components are involved in the Operation in order to effectively impact on the objectives of the operation.

Operation Paseka which commenced on 01 March 2015 to 30 April 2015, focuses on the following six (6) pillars;

  • Crimes against women, children and vulnerable people;
  • Reduction of serious and violent property crimes i.e. trio crimes;
  • Crimes depending on police actions for detection i.e. liquor, drugs, firearms and dangerous weapons;
  • Road safety;
  • Enforcement of safety at sport and recreational events;
  • Trans-National crimes.

Since the beginning of Operation Paseka to date, 2 660 suspects have been arrested for crimes ranging from murder, assault GBH, robbery with a firearm, robbery aggravating, driving under influence of liquor and possession of illegal firearms.

25 illegal firearms have been confiscated. All the firearms have been sent for ballistic testing to determine if they have been used in the committing of crime.

Lockdown of Motherwell

On Friday, Eastern Cape police embarked on a crime prevention lockdown operation in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth.

All the stations of the Motherwell Cluster joined hands and took part in the operation, also including the K9 unit and members on horseback.

“The operation took place while it was raining and members were enduring the elements of nature to perform their task. The importance of conducting the operation on this day was largely due to the fact that most of the working class had their ‘pay-day’ and that they flocked to business areas and shopping malls to conduct business. In the past criminals took advantage of these busy days to target potential victims,” the police said.

“The focus of the operation was on stolen property, drugs, alcohol misuse and firearms. Two vehicle check points were set up while foot patrols, horseback patrols and dog patrols took place closer to the major shopping malls.

“At the shopping malls members also handed out crime awareness pamphlets dealing with domestic violence as well as safety hints and tips.”

The police said that they are satisfied that no major crime incidents took place during the period of the operation.

Still, a 29-year-old suspect was arrested for possession of eight mandrax tablets while a 20-year-old male suspect was also arrested by detectives for a murder that took place in December.

A 43-year-old male was arrested for selling liquor without a license. He was trading a shebeen without a license and 60 litres of various makes of beer were confiscated.