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Eastern Cape Port Terminals solidify leadership roles in EL and PE

Eastern Cape Port Terminals solidify leadership roles in EL and PE

As of 1 December, Transnet’s Eastern Cape Port Terminals solidify specific leadership roles within the organisation to ensure the focus remains on volume growth and productivity in keeping with the terminals’ current business.

Three major leadership positions will take effect, with specific emphasis being placed on the current Terminal Manager for East London who as of this month will be appointed as the Terminal Manager for Port Elizabeth Terminals.

Nelisiwe Mbenekazi

Nelisiwe Mbenekazi made a noteworthy contribution to leadership, performance and safety in the EC Region and Transnet Port Terminals [TPT] at large.

Mbenekazi continues to add expert insight as a member of an External Business Women Association and has an impressive number of accolades to her including the Regional GM’s Award, the CEO’s Award for Leadership and the Acting GCE Inspirational Leadership Award in this year’s annual Transnet Awards.

Mbenekazi’s passion lies within logistics and operations, which results in her amazing achievements within the maritime industry. Her dedication to empowering her team members and nurturing an open door policy has created an excellent environment for a cohesive team.

Renowned for her communication skills and acknowledging performance, Mbenakazi allows employees to always remain engaged and performing at their best. Under Mbenekazi’s leadership the Eastern Cape Terminal, was recognised by exporters for its contribution to the economy of the region and received national recognition in this year’s Productivity SA awards. Additionally, the terminal received an efficiency award at the Transnet Awards awarded by the GCE, as well as the Golden Safety League award.

In her new Port Elizabeth role Mbenekazi’s primary focus area will be to drive volume growth across PEMPT, supply chain integration through Manganese TVCC, re-market positioning of PECT and to work with Ngqura Manganese Export Terminal (NMET) project team for the migration of manganese from PE to Ngqura.

Wandisa Vazi

Adding to the new leadership appointments, the current Regional Business Planning and Monitoring Manager, Wandisa Vazi, will be promoted to the position of Terminal Manager for TPT’s East London Terminals.

She began her journey with Transnet as a Key Accounts Manager before assuming her current role, and during that period made an invaluable contribution to the organisation and displayed immense passion for Customer Service Excellence, Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Vazi’s duties will now include improving East London Terminal’s overall culture of business excellence and to drive the terminal’s volume growth and diversification strategies with particular focus on growing the automotive sector.

The final appointment will entail David Gwabeni taking on the role of Regional Business Planning and Monitoring Manager. In Gwabeni’s recent capacity of Regional Risk and Compliance Manager and Acting Terminal Manager for the P.E Terminals, he was responsible for the successful roll-out of TPT’s Enterprise-wide risk management strategy across the Eastern Cape Region over the past five years.

Gwabeni created operational stability within the terminal by contributing positively to various areas with particular success around the terminal’s manganese volume growth, specifically for Skiptainer and break-bulk. His core responsibility in his new role will be to focus on the region’s roll-out of TPT’s new Continuous Improvement philosophy of Lean Six-Sigma.

Siya Mhlaluka

Siya Mhlaluka, General Manager of TPT’s Eastern Cape Port Terminals, believes that these leadership appointments are necessary to maintain the Eastern Cape Terminal’s high productivity standards.

“The EC Terminals’ Management Team have complete confidence in the capabilities of the leadership changes being implemented. These changes will maintain the high performance standards already set by the terminals while continuing to maximize the Eastern Cape Terminal’s efficiency to achieve all set organizational goals,” stated Mhlaluka.