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Eastern Cape schools show promise in Cape Schools Rugby Week

By Marc Jacobson - Jul 4, 2017
Eastern Cape schools show promise in Cape Schools Rugby Week

The Cape Schools Week took place at the break of the July school holidays over the weekend, which saw an inter-cape festival between five Eastern Cape and five Western Cape schools play head-to-head clashes over two days at the Rondebosch Boys’ High School in Cape Town on Saturday and Monday respectively.

Representing EC, were the high-flying Grey High and Dale College, along with Queens College, Selborne College and the meagre Muir College.

The Province’s best rugby-representing school so far, St. Andrews College, as well as promisers Marlow Landbou, Hoërskool Framesby and Hoërskool Brandwag, were not included in the mix and while this may not deem justice for EC’s rugby footprint; one can also argue that the powerhouses of Paarl Boys’, Paarl Gym and Paul Roos were too left out of the WC representation.

The five WC schools were: Wynberg Boys’ High, Stellenberg, Boland Lanbou, SACS and Rondebosch.

Without those mentioned respective flag-bearers of each province featuring though, does not necessarily water down the contest between some of the best that each Cape has to offer, with seven of the 10 participating schools, still placed in the Ruggas Top 35 school rugby rankings.

The only real ‘odd-one-out’, being Uitenhage’s Muir (ranked 98th), who have been the only side really lob-siding the results over the Cape Schools Week, with every single other match being played to the rimming wire.

Dale’s 22-7 loss to Stellenberg on Monday was the only real exception, other than Muir’s two drubbings, for close-call contentions.

Every other match margined less than seven points and of the 10 matches played over the two days, the WC schools won six of them, lost three and one was drawn.

Who knows the possibility though; if a better EC school was leant over in Muir’s place, not particularly St. Andrews, but rather the other aforementioned brimming prospects.

Astonishingly, Queens won two of those three EC victories at the Cape Schools Week against Wynberg on Saturday (24-22) and the homed Rondebosch on Monday (22-19) respectively.

Rondebosch drew 27-27 to Dale on Saturday in the Festival’s solitude deadlock, while on the same day; Grey High edged Boland Landbou 18-17 in EC’s third-counting win.

All Cape Schools Week results:


Wynberg 22-24 Queens

Stellenberg 40-10 Muir

Boland Lanbou 17-18 Grey High

SACS 17-13 Selborne

Rondebosch 27-27 Dale


Stellenberg 22-7 Dale

SACS 20-18 Grey High

Boland Lanbou 47-0 Muir

Wynberg 20-19 Selborne

Rondebosch 19-22 Queens       

Image: Grey High 1st XV doing their roundabout warcry before playing SACS on Monday