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Eastern Cape SMME Baseline Study Needs Your Input

Mar 9, 2015
Eastern Cape SMME Baseline Study Needs Your Input

Jupilog Development is currently undertaking a baseline study of small businesses in the Eastern Cape on behalf of the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism - and you are encouraged to participate in the survey.

The purpose of the study is to generate information that can guide future policy and decision-making for the support of small businesses by the Department.

To collect data for the survey on the needs of small businesses and where there is potential for their future development, they are undertaking surveys among the following:

• Small businesses in both metros and all districts of the Province.

• Organisations that provide support to SMMEs (to identify the challenges that they regularly encounter among the small businesses they assist), and

• Large corporate buyers to determine the extent to which they are already using small business suppliers, the challenges they encounter in dealing with them and to explore whether they have any interest in new supplier development initiatives.

Aside from making useable information available to the Department, this information is also to be used to guide our recommendations to the Department and the drafting of a proposed Action Plan, which forms part of the assignment.

The survey makes use of the attached questionnaires to collect data. Most of the respondents are expected to be those participating in a street survey to be conducted in selected centres over the coming two weeks. However, they have approached the Business Chamber and forums for assistance in collecting data from the better established and more formal small businesses, as well as from their corporate buyer members.

Please refer to the Letter of Introduction from DEDEAT confirming their appointment for this assignment and copies of the two survey questionnaires (ie. for SMMEs, support organisations and corporate buyers).

Jupilog’s contact within DEDEAT is Mr Mbulelo Jolingana of the Enterprise Development Unit 043 605 7029.