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Eastern Province Cricket calls for independent director nominations

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
Eastern Province Cricket calls for independent director nominations

Eastern Province Cricket NPC (EP Cricket) and its Independent Nominations Committee (INC) are calling for nominations for independent directors. Anyone, can make a nomination.

“A key attribute of an effective board is the appointment of independent ‘outsiders’, and we’re looking for individuals with independence and a skill set currently lacking on the EP Cricket board,” comments Jesse Chellan, EP Cricket CEO.

EP Cricket and the INC are looking for three independent directors  and are seeking:

  • An independent candidate with audit, and risk experience, hold a Chartered Accountant qualification as a minimum, with five years in practice, and be a member of a recognised professional body,
  • An independent candidate with legal experience, who has an LLB degree, has a minimum of five years practice, and be a member of a recognised professional body,
  • An independent candidate with a finance, commerce or marketing background. Ideally they will have the relevant qualifications such as a Bachelor of Commerce degree, have five years experience in their chosen field, and are a member of a recognised professional body.

The appointed independent directors will be announced by October 31st, 2015.

Nomination forms can be obtained from the EP Cricket office or by emailing [email protected]. All nominations are to be marked for the Chairperson of the Independent Nominations Committee, Judge Ronnie Pillay and emailed to [email protected].

The deadline for nominations is at 17h00 on Friday, October 2nd, 2015.

No late or incomplete submissions will be considered.

Criteria for independent directors

The Board shall be the highest authority and shall exercise their powers as set out in the MOI of the EPC NPC. Please note the definition of an Independent Member of the EPC Directors as per the MOI:

23.1.4          A nominee shall:

                  Not be a representative of an affiliate or member of EPC NPC

                Not have been employed by the company or its affiliates nor be a member of the immediate family of an individual who was employed by the company within the immediate preceding 5 year period

              Not be a supplier, sponsor or customer (or in any way be connected to any of the company and free from any business relationship with it)

            Not have been associated with cricket at any official level within the immediate preceding 3 year period

            Is not a professional advisor to the company or any of its affiliates or members

            Be resident within the EPC region and be available to attend meetings, even at short notice

      Is free from any business or other relationship that could be seen to materially interfere with the individual’s capacity to act in an independent manner.

Diversity and gender equity will be a strong consideration when appointing Independent Directors that the INC must consider when recommending Independent Directors to the Board of EP Cricket.