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Ebola-like fever kills 13 in the DR Congo

By Natali Iverson - Aug 22, 2014
Ebola-like fever kills 13 in the DR Congo

A hemorrhagic fever which has been reported to resemble the Ebola virus has killed 13 people in the DR Congo.

Felix Kabange Numbi, the DR Congo’s Health Minister said that “a hemorrhagic fever of unknown origin had killed 13 people in the country's northwest in the past two weeks.”

"All 13 people who have died suffered from a fever, diarrhoea, vomiting and, in a terminal stage, of vomiting a black matter," he added.

The first victim of this new fever was a pregnant woman. The 12 other victims included five medical workers who died after coming into contact with her.

There are about 80 people who had come into contact with the deceased. All are currently under observation.

Samples have been taken from the patients and these will be tested to find the exact strain of the pathogen. Reports suggest that results will be known by next week.


Picture courtesy of www.swineflumagazine.blogspot.com