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Ebola: Second US healthcare worker tests positive

Ebola: Second US healthcare worker tests positive

A second health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, in Dallas, in the US, has tested positive for Ebola, the Texas department of health services said early on Wednesday.

"Health officials have interviewed the latest patient to quickly identify any contacts or potential exposures, and those people will be monitored," the department said in a statement.

No details were released regarding the worker's identity but it has emerged that the patient was immediately isolated after experiencing symptoms Tuesday, the statement said.

The second positive test came hours after the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that the government wasn't aggressive enough in managing Ebola and containing the virus as it spread from an infected patient to a nurse at a Dallas hospital.

"We could've sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hands-on with the hospital from day one about exactly how this should be managed," Dr. Thomas Frieden said Tuesday.

Frieden outlined new steps designed to stop the spread of the disease, including the creation of an Ebola response team, increased training for health care workers nationwide and changes at the Texas hospital to minimize the risk of more infections.

"I wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the patient — the first patient — was diagnosed. That might have prevented this infection," Frieden said.

The stark admission came as the World Health Organization projected the pace of infections accelerating in West Africa to as many as 10 000 new cases a week within two months.