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EBOLA: violent strike in Liberia after quarantine

EBOLA: violent strike in Liberia after quarantine

Police in Liberia have had to disperse striking residents in a Monrovia neighbourhood with live rounds and tears gas after they started throwing stones in protest of an Ebola quarantine was enforced on their neighbourhood.

The quarantine imposed on Monrovia’s West Point is an attempt by the Liberia government to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia’s capital.

Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has also enforced a nationwide night-time curfew.

Witnesses said that the strike started in West Point after security forces blocked roads in the neighbourhood with tables, barbed wire and chairs.

Four people have been injured during the strike. It is however, unclear whether anyone was hurt from the gunfire.

"The soldiers are using live rounds," army spokesperson, Dessaline Allison, said.

"Soldiers applied the rules of engagement. They did not fire on peaceful citizens. There will be medical reports if an injury was from bullet wounds," he added.

West African countries, Liberia, Sierre Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, have been hit hard by this year’s Ebola outbreak which is also the worst recorded epidemic.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday that the death toll for the Ebola outbreak has risen to the death of 1350 people. Liberia has had the most deaths from the epidemic with 576 dead.

Countries affected by the outbreak are said to be running out of supplies, such as food, fuel and basic supplies after shipping companies and airlines suspended trips to the region.

According to Times Live, the World Food Programme has begun emergency food shipments to quarantined areas and the WHO has appealed to companies and international organisations to continue to provide supplies and services to affected areas in West Africa.


Picture courtesy of www.ebolaviruspictures.com