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EC Christmas weather updated: Conditions to cool down

By Charl Bosch - Dec 23, 2015
EC Christmas weather updated: Conditions to cool down

The Port Elizabeth branch of the South African Weather Service has issued the following updated weather predictions for the Christmas weekend.


Christmas Eve:

Partly cloudy and hot but warm along the coast and adjacent interior, becoming cloudy with light rain in places in the east later. Coastal winds fresh to strong south westerly

Christmas Day:

Partly cloudy and warm, but cool along the coast and adjacent interior. Light rain is expected over the Eastern half of the Eastern Cape (Transkei / East London) later, spreading to the south coast (Port Elizabeth) overnight. Coastal winds moderate to fresh south westerly, becoming south easterly later.

Boxing Day:

Cloudy and warm to cool along the coast. Widespread showers and thundershowers are expected over most of the province. Coastal wind fresh easterly to north easterly

Sunday 27th December

Cloudy at first, otherwise partly cloudy and hot, but warm along the coast. Some light rain is expected along the Wild Coast. Coastal wind fresh to strong easterly

Warning for beachgoers

On the 24th strong westerly winds are expected, which will generate some large swell. The winds will peak in the afternoon, coinciding with a spring high tide (15h00). Bathers should be cautious of rip currents and fisherman must be cautious of the higher than normal tide levels. Similar conditions will persist for most of the weekend.