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ECDOE support team visits school after tragic bus accident that killed four learners

By Yolanda Palezweni - Oct 24, 2017
ECDOE support team visits school after tragic bus accident that killed four learners

An Eastern Cape Education Department (ECDOE) response team that was established by the Head of Department, Themba Kojana, on Tuesday arrived at Ntshilini Secondary School to provide support following the tragic deaths of four learners in a bus accident on Monday.

The deceased learners died when the 75-seater scholar transport bus they were travelling in to Ntshilini Senior Secondary School was involved in an accident in the morning.

It is alleged that the driver lost control of the bus and it ended up leaving the road and fell from a bridge commonly known as Mdumbi in Ngqeleni.

According to ECDOE spokesperson, Malibongwe Mtima, some of the learners traveling on the bus jumped out through windows, and the four learners passed away while others involved in this accident were rushed to Canzibe Hospital for medical attention.

An ECDOE response team, consisting of five psychologists and two Social Workers as well as other Department officials conducted Trauma Debriefing to the learners and teachers at the school on Tuesday.

The team arrived at around 11am to ensure that learners have space for their first paper to be written. Two of these Psychologists worked specifically with the teachers after they finished with the learners.

According to Kojana, the ECDOE will ensure that all affected parties - including parents of the deceased, are assisted with counselling to ensure that they cope with the tragedy.

"We will provide full counselling to those who will be identified in today's trauma debriefing session as needing counselling. That includes parents, who I think will intensive counselling later than this week,” said Konjana.

He added that they’ll also ensure a strong prayer (spiritual counselling) at the school to assist the learners to write.

Currently, the ECDOE has dispatched officials for those still hospitalised and are assessing possible methods of support to them at the hospital.